Beer tasting

Do you really want to taste a nice beer in Spain?

Then we have something nice for you. Let yourself be seduced by the looks of our beer. Is it not on Tinder or at our brewery. We show our beer at the brewery located in Benissa in Spain as if it were the newborn crown prince.

Beer Tasting Brouwhoeve

From Paella to tapas, the typical Spanish dishes will make your mouth water. Jeez, how delicious! 

And what this is all about: What do you drink when you eat cheese? Beer! At a heavy dinner? Beer! At a fresh lunch on a terrace in Benissa? Beer!In the morning when you wake up? Okay. Okay, let’s have some coffee. Still: beer is the ideal drink for anything but waking up.


  • from € 19,95 p.p.
  • The price depends on the number of beers to be tasted.

Proef de Brouwhoeve Bieren

Visit the brewery Brouwhoeve in Benissa. In Benissa, the sun, sea and culinary delights come together. Enjoy the peace, space and delicious culinary dishes here on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

Of course you have to be over 18 years old, but that goes without saying.

The beer tasting offers a choice of 4 different types of beer with matching appetizers.

Come and taste beer in the most cosy tasting room in Benissa.

In the tasting room of the beer brewery you can taste beer in a way you’ve never done before. Because although beer is hot these days and it seems as if nobody drinks anything else anymore. Still, many people don’t know what they’re drinking yet. Or rather, what they want to drink. Then it’s good to get an idea of that, because the supply is huge.
At the Benissa Brewery you can taste beer and learn more about these special beers. You will get to know your own taste. In this way, you will eventually be better able to name what you like and learn to appreciate your beer. Next time, you can enter the liquor store with more confidence or search this site to find your perfect beer.

The beers of Brouwhoeve

Beer fraternizes


If you want to find out more about specialty beers, but above all want to learn how to enjoy them in a ‘beery’ environment, then the Brouwhoeve is the right place for you. Because at the brewery you are taken into the world of beer, in a way that is anything but boring. You will enjoy an experience that has been arranged from the moment of reception to the end, right down to the last detail. We teach you a lot about beer, but perhaps even more important, we teach you how to enjoy it. We do this in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Think of it as a relaxing afternoon (or evening) out, during which you also get the chance to immerse yourself in the interesting world of beer.


Man rolls the beer back and forth in the glass and brings it to the greedy mouth. They suck in slurping and squeaking air, at first heavy and then a little by little, like a goldfish with puffed out lips. Wonderful smells and flavours slowly defrost the body cramped by burnout and stress. It’s getting quiet inside. In extreme concentration, the eyes close. In the spirit, field flowers, juicy juniper berries, citrus fruits, the scent of yeast, a seafood dish on the Moraira coast with a bombardment of associations: the foaming sea of Benissa, sun-drenched flower gardens, grassy pastures, white clouds chase through the sky of the Costa Blanca.
Dizzying. The beer is swallowed carefully. Time stops for a moment. The whole body tingles. Sparkling medals, stylish labels and intellectual reflections conceal the one fact that is really important: beer is above all fun and emotion. If you keep this in mind, then beer becomes something easy and very personal.


You like beer, don’t you? It is neither more nor more difficult. There is nothing more personal than taste. In addition, other factors also play a role. A Saison beer simply tastes different at home, than on the terrace in Benissa, for example… Or you can combine a special beer with a wrong dish.

Of course, it’s always a laugh when someone goes crazy with words. Beautiful bouquet, don’t you think? Those dancing acids make for a great balance.  Tsssss…. At Brouwhoeve we make splash-pure juices that do just fine even without a story.”


Smell, let it waltz, put your nose in again, a little slurp moment for some extra oxygen at the swallow, show every corner of your mouth, pull your most interesting beer head, do something fascinating like a naughty nose or a cheeky aftertaste and swallow it. Because spitting out in buckets of the Xenos is a shame.

It’s not easy to describe beer. It can be so versatile that it becomes difficult to put your taste into words. And when we talk about taste, are we talking about your personal taste or an objective view of beer? These are two different things.
Maybe you don’t like a certain beer, but that doesn’t automatically mean that the beer is bad. That’s why the word “tasty” isn’t in the list of basic concepts about tasting. This list is meant for those who want to go a step further than classifying a beer as tasty or not tasty. Whether it is a shovel imported from China or a low-budget beer made from extracts or a highly regarded beer from the so-and-so region.

Beer at the wrong temperature, is like a summer holiday in Spain without sun!

Digging our heels in and without too much blablabla.
And ... no talk but drink, not to pour, but to enjoy.

We don’t like the exaggerated nonsense of organoleptic tasting and interesting hassle among the wise guys and the ignoramus who broke out more beer nonsense than they do in a whole year of pounding in. Boy, there’s a bit of a whiff of it with the ‘beero’s’. (“uhh… I taste dew-stepped elderberries, an organic liquorice and a hint of dried grass under Grandma’s armpits.”). Yuck, and no dirty spitting and smacking around us that can be heard all over the Costa Blanca! You can make those sounds in your own time.
And not too much bullshit either. Example: this is a beer with a hint of cinnamon, raspberries and rosemary. The aftertaste leaves a sparkling, velvety tingle in your oral cavity, betraying years of maturation in a robust oak bourbon cask.
What a load of bullshit. We’re just talking about fermented barley, aren’t we? At the Brouwhoeve there are no ingredients around the corner that could never have been near the beer. Lavender, rosemary, pears, apples, dates, you name it.

All our beers are tested by our professional supporters who really know it, so at de Brouwhoeve there is no abracadabra of all kinds of bizarre tastes that we push you past your refined little uvula.

Tasting beer, much more than just knocking back some

One of the beautiful aspects of beer is undoubtedly the ability to encourage the drinker of the noble liquid to start a phenomenal conversation with his table (or bar) enjoyed. When the beer turns out to have a nice “character”, this can only lift the conversation to a higher level. It seems as if one is always trying to balance the quality of the conversation with the quality of the beer.

How do all those aromas get into your beer glass? Well, let me just say that this is still a solid area of research and that, to give you a sip of it, a solid chemical background is a must. I do drink it and I like a glass (or two, or three), but when people with terms like ‘wood tones’ and ‘malolactic fermentation’ start to throw away, I get out of here.

Tasting beer is not just a matter of drinking a lot of those golden-yellow rascals and then being a connoisseur.

Put the glass on your lips, tilt and go!

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