Commercieel medewerker

Vacancy Commercial employee


Well, of course you remember from a few years ago, you felt young and didn’t really know what you wanted to be. You went to school well and learned as you should. And now you work in a warehouse, in the office, on the car, in the workshop or anywhere else where you stay dry, warm and clean. When you come home from work in the evening, your armpits still smell as fresh as when you left in the morning. You didn’t have tears with spouts laughing at the last joke.

Maybe you often think, “Man Man Man!!, is this really it??

You know you’re not doing a job that suits you right now, or maybe you’re not doing anything at all. Do you know what to do? Quit your job or get off the couch, follow your heart and come and work at Brouwhoeve as a commercial employee. You’re 25. Maybe already 30 or 40, we don’t really care much. Of course you are commercial and you want to go for it. Every day. Hard work, every day. But have fun, meet, learn, grow, feel appreciated and discover that your personal contribution and touch can make the difference between ‘just good’ and ‘wow’. And at Brouwhoeve we love that ‘wow’. In doing what we do and don’t do. For better or for worse. At a party and when there is a need for pickling. That requires drive, mentality, personality, ambition, but consciously in this order.

Every day is different at brouwhoeve. The only thing that comes back every day is that time flies.
Before you know it, the lunch break is over and before you know it, your working day is already over!
(By the way, we hate it when you actually take a lunch break, under the dicks we polish).

commercieel medewerker vacature

New customers. An active approach, searching and offering quality beer advice, that’s your responsibility. Within this responsible and independent function, you are often on your way to customers or you receive customers at Brouwhoeve. With your sales skills, enthusiasm and perseverance, you are able to expand our customer base and are not afraid of our ambitious goals and working on a commission basis.
Do you live in our working area and you want to come and work for us? Do you think you are commercial enough so that we won’t send you away after just one week? Do you see a job at a brewery with a vibrant working atmosphere and great ambition? Do you want the opportunity to do what you like best and what your ass is good at in a working atmosphere that makes you happy?

It is a bit of a truism but still we ask it just to be sure

Are you someone who enjoys working and doesn’t complain about pension schemes because you arrange them yourself and decide yourself which insurance company or bank will cheat on you and you pay for them yourself?
We do pay an excellent commission salary to the right person. A lease car is not included, you can talk about a lease bike and we do reimburse travel expenses. We won’t talk about savings schemes, you can figure that out for yourself, because that’s just like pension schemes.

Can you ensure that our customer base is expanded? Then we’ll hire you right away, so you don’t need to have a team spirit as far as we’re concerned, even if it’s not flexible or dynamic. Forget most of the above. Because we are talking about more customers. If you can get us that, apply and respond today!

Send an email with a motivation letter and a CV to or use the form below.

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