Let the joy start with a fun,
practical GIN masterclass experience.

Masterclass - Gin

One of our specialists will take you into the world of distilling. After the introduction, the workshop can begin. We delve into the history of Brouwhoeve Distillery and give a tour of the distillery and the beer brewery The Masterclass is about learning a little and laughing a lot. You will be treated to the stories behind the brand, the history of their gins and the art of distilling. During this masterclass we will delve deeper into the unique flavors and sensations of our Gin Botanicals. You are involved in every step of production; working through maceration, fermentation, distillation, vapor infusion, dilution, ending with bottling and labelling.

Step by step you will be guided into the wonderful world of gin.
Sniff the secret of Brouwhoeve!

Smell, taste!

Do you like gin? Us too! Let’s dive deep into the wonderful world of gin!

Join us and discover all the ‘Joys of Juniper’, celebrating the botanical and aromatic beauty of juniper-based gin. For approximately 3 hours you will be guided by a gin expert who has a passion for everything related to distilling.

What to expect:

Duration: ± 3 hours
Cost: € 36,00 per person

  • Reception at the Brewery/Distillery (C/ Watt 1, Pol. Ind. La Pedrera Benissa)
  • Guided tour of the Brouwhoeve Brewery & Distillery.
  • Gain knowledge and experience about gin, including its history, production processes, detailed explanation of the distillation process and the  ingredients used in gin production (juniper berries, botanicals, etc.).
  • Tasting of 5 craft Gins all this while enjoying matching dishes.
  • Reservations from 4 persons. 
  • Age 18 and up.
  • Possible on all days of the week! (Ask about the options via the contact form)

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