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We make websites for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry

Are you a hospitality company and looking for a marketing agency for your cafe, restaurant or other business? If you are looking for a website that fits your business better than the tightest tailored suit, contact us and see what we can do for your business.

We specialise in creating websites for entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry and taking care of the entire marketing and promotion.

Have a hospitality website created with our secret marketing and promotion sauce. Plenty of staff, perfect location, top-notch interior. But is your tent already packed? Your family and friends don’t come every weekend to fill up your cash register. How do you make sure that guests know how to find you? Websupport Benissa will create a mobile-friendly website for you that is easy to find in Google.

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Websupport Benissa works as part of your team and takes care of all your marketing, advertising and promotional needs.

We build easy-to-find, clean websites. A web design to build a good reputation among locals. It is very important that tourists can find you for optimal occupancy. An attractive website is indispensable nowadays. And by beautiful, we don’t just mean a visually appealing website. A professional website is also easy to find in Google and stimulates action. This includes catchy texts, well thought-out navigation, interactive tools and attractive forms.

We build websites in WordPress and webshops in WooCommerce very good platforms for search engine friendly websites.

This way, we guarantee a good findability in Google. Conversion-oriented web design, easy to use and find in Google. Have a winning website created by Websupport Benissa.

Websupport Benissa

Together we will get more out of your hospitality business!

Our approach

With our expertise in communication and marketing, we are the solution for your online presence. We will be happy to guide you through the development of a website in the following steps:

Brainstorm & house style

In this phase, we determine the content of the website together with you. Think about the purpose of the site, the target group, a marketing plan, personas and the corporate identity. No logo or house style yet? We have brand/logo designers for every budget.

Bring it on!

Design & Realisation

We package your digital identity in a beautiful, intelligent and responsive design. Our extensive WordPress experience enables us to create sites quickly and therefore cheaply. This is followed by a feedback round. We will process this feedback until you are satisfied!

Now we need visitors!

A beautiful website is worth nothing without visitors. With our marketing techniques, we ensure that the first visitors reach your site via multiple channels. Your website is optimised for Google by default. But Facebook, Adwords etc. are also considered.


We get more out of your hospitality business


At Websupport Benissa we do not build websites blindly. We know your target group, look at their needs and create a tailor-made website. We make a graphical and technically sound gem and extremely tempting for Google. A website with a sparkling design that makes a difference every day and leaves an unforgettable impression.

Online Marketing

We grew up with a laptop on our lap and a smartphone in our hand. We are your online marketing man; not a distant agency, but a marketing colleague who is accessible and thinks along with you.

Horeca support

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram offer fantastic advertising opportunities. We make your campaigns successful by applying smart Facebook advertising tactics. That is why we help our clients with Facebook advertising and the development and testing of landing pages.

Social media

Social media is one of the most important and indispensable means of communication today. Social media is like a first date: you want to make an unforgettable impression. Persuading and triggering are the key. A well-groomed Instagram account or a clear Facebook page is a must. A marketing that scores, graphically charms and incites to action.

Printed material

We build your company like a house, but one that can easily withstand a tornado. We create an identity for hospitality companies with creativity and spirit. Designs that stand out, stay with people and move them. Recognition guaranteed! We are not satisfied until you are. We provide you with affordable hospitality printing, such as flyers, menus, business cards, clothing and other promotional materials. Everything just the way you want it!

Concepts & Cases

Sometimes you come up with a great idea, but how do you roll it out and give it shape? Think of organising theme evenings or rebranding your hospitality company. Then Websupport Benissa is also your partner.

Cash register system

Discover the next generation of versatile, secure POS systems for restaurants. Efficient online ordering, collection and delivery. Expand your menu options through cloud kitchens and virtual brands. Connect your front-of-house, kitchen and back-office operations to the industry's most secure cloud point of sale.

Management System

Internal order management and payment processing

Online ordering and customer loyalty programmes

Kitchen display systems (KDS) and versatile integrations

Cloud-based analysis, stock and labour reports

5 Stars

Websupport Benissa goes for 5 stars. Our team ensures that your restaurant or café is visible on the internet, is well positioned and found in Google, is followed on social media and above all: that you get results. Find it together with our experts. We reach and activate your target group.

A sophisticated online strategy as a basis

It is not difficult to lose yourself in the abundance of options and trends in online marketing. At Websupport Benissa we look beyond the issues of the day. Starting from a well thought-out strategy, we combine elements such as SEO, SEA, social media, blog posts, and so on, into a convincing whole. In this way, we achieve an online strategy with a clear focus, in which the return is also effectively measured.



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