Come and work at Brouwhoeve

Working at Brouwhoeve is all about fun and working hard. Everyone is doing their very best every day to create something beautiful.

Brouwhoeve, supplier and producer of traditional delicacies

An independent company, not listed on the stock exchange, no panting shareholders who just want to see money, no ego-tripping managers who can ruin the whole atmosphere in one fell swoop, no staff cuts that make everyone feel sick. Our experienced team, all sympathetic colleagues with one passion: working with traditional products. Just doers.
We don’t like to be interesting and we don’t tell big stories. But go for the best result and the highest quality.

What we get out of bed for

Creating beautiful, artisanal products! We get out of bed for that, roll up our sleeves and go full steam ahead.

We are looking for colleagues who do their job very well, who are committed, who feel responsible, who are somewhat social with colleagues, who deal with customers in a somewhat normal way and who are not too autistic. Radiant hostesses and charming hosts who can put a smile on our customers’ faces.



If we invite you for a job interview, then you really don’t have to put on a suit or a suit, that’s not the point.

But watch out:

  • We’re not looking for brats who think they know everything. We’re looking for you, because you’re incredibly smart: you have pre-university education or a university degree – it doesn’t necessarily have to be completed, I don’t either. Or just nothing at all.
  • No stress-resistant centipedes, who don’t have a 9-5 mentality and who are ready for a new challenge. You don’t recognize yourself in this at all. You do say that you are handier and better at your job than most of your friends – after all, we are too.
  • We don’t mind a 9 to 5 mentality at all, if the job can be done in it, we think it’s best.
  • We don’t need spiders that are in a web either, you don’t have to be proactive either, better consult so that you don’t have to have the ability to switch quickly, better that you switch with the right timing.
  • The interesting thing about you is your flexibility and that you have two feet firmly on the ground. As far as we are concerned, there does not have to be anything in your DNA with regard to the work, after all DNA is a fixed and rigidly recorded event, we think flexibility is much better. We are also not looking for people who prefer to play an advisory role or people who have been overworked for a year and who want to try again. (I already do that myself)
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