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Brouwhoeve and partners where professionals and consumers find each other.

Our goal is to provide one reliable platform where you can order all your beverage, food and non-food items for as much as possible directly from the producer. Efficient, practical and as much as possible local. Doing business together, strong together.

One stop shop for all drinks, food and non-food orders.

Brouwhoeve and partners is the independent online platform where suppliers and producers present and offer their products for sale. Brouwhoeve and partners brings the entire food and beverage world close. The finest craft beers and smoked salmon and everything you need to sell or serve it.

Company Profile Brouwhoeve and Partners

Brouwhoeve and Partners originally a Brewery and Distillery in Spain. The team from Brouwhoeve stands for ambition and optimism. The feeling that anything is possible. We carry that feeling every day of the week. Professionals at Brouwhoeve love their jobs and work. They see work as an important part of their lives. And want to get everything out of it.

Bestel Brouwhoeve Bier

Independent agency

Brouwhoeve and Partners is looking for an independent sales person who will visit producers, restaurants, liquor stores and gourmet food stores to generate b2b sales!

As an independent Agent, you will approach producers and suppliers in the Out of Home channel. You will engage with them in a professional and enthusiastic manner. With interesting actions and your powers of persuasion, you ensure that new sales outlets are created. Your goal is to make every business within your territory a point of sale on the Brouwhoeve site.

Putting producers on the road to their first online success,
Support entrepreneurs in growing their businesses online....

Those who work with Brouwhoeve and Partners play a meaningful role in our society every day. Working with Brouwhoeve is more than finding satisfaction in your work. That is also including your role in the future of our society.

Be part of the enthusiastic Brouwhoeve team!

What we are looking for:

We are looking for an enthusiastic sales tiger with flair, someone who is energized by targets in a completely independent environment. Note that this is about running an agency at your own expense and risk. In other words, you run your own business under the umbrella of Brouwhoeve and Partners. For Brouwhoeve, you will be doing field sales acquisition with producers where you will become a help desk and point of contact for these entrepreneurs. Your commercial skills are therefore very important; we are looking for people who never miss a sales opportunity and get energy from personal targets. You know how to surprise customers, are a good listener, have guts, are confident and have persuasive powers.

We are looking for a Rayon Manager to work with us on a fully independent basis.n.

  • MBO/HBO working and thinking level;
  • Demonstrated commercial experience (in sales in the field);
  • Entrepreneurial, commercial acumen, a born salesperson;
  • Affinity with the hospitality/out of home channel;
  • Results-oriented, persuasiveness, perseverance;
  • You are self-employed or you are willing to become self-employed
  • Experience in a similar position is a plus
  • Customer service is very important to you. You’ll do whatever it takes to keep your customers happy


  • You are stress resistant
  • You think in solutions, not in problems
  • You are meticulous and you follow up on your daily administration well
  • You are results-oriented and strive for better sales figures
  • You are flexible and have no problem with opening hours
  • You always want to learn and like to listen to feedback
  • Energy, fluency, people skills and guts!

We are looking for an enthusiastic sales tiger with flair....

Entrepreneurship and freedom are essential elements for you.

Brouwhoeve and partners is looking for an independent agency for a region in the Netherlands and Spain with guts, humor and persuasiveness. As an agency, you know the regional market like the back of your hand and know exactly what it takes to bring in and keep producers. You are a serious conversationalist and effortlessly sense customer needs and know how to turn a “no” into a “yes” like no other. Switching at different levels is not a problem for you.

In addition to the knowledge – which you will develop more and more – you naturally have an enthusiastic friendliness that is contagious, the right commitment and a great entrepreneurial spirit. Are you a hunter and not afraid to kick doors open and are you strong in communication?

And if you are not afraid to interact with the customer and your team with a healthy dose of energy, then you are definitely the team player we are looking for!

What we offer you

We’ll make sure you’re well prepared to hit the road. For example, when you start your own agency, you will receive extensive training. We offer you full support and the opportunity to earn a good income through an attractive commission system.

Working with the entire team at the Brouwhoeve, you will form a dream team. Entrepreneurship is our top priority, but with the right guidance you need to become successful.

Sounds good right?

Be part of the enthusiastic Brouwhoeve team!

Getting excited because you know you are the new Region Manager?
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