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Spain is a country with a long and historic wine-growing tradition, and the many traditional bodegas are a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage. These artisanal producers are dedicated to making high quality wines that showcase the unique flavors and terroir of their regions.

Some of the best known and most widely planted grapes in Spain are Tempranillo, Macabeo, Bobal and Monastrell. Each of these grapes has its own distinctive characteristics and contributes to the diversity and complexity of Spanish wines.

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Whether you prefer a crisp white wine or a strong red wine, Spain has something to offer.


is a grape variety commonly used to produce full-bodied red wines with aromas of cherry, plum and spice. These wines are often aged in oak barrels, which enhances their depth and complexity.


also known as Viura, is a white grape variety often used for crisp and refreshing white wines with flavors of citrus and green apples. These wines are perfect to sip on a hot summer day or pair with seafood or light entrees


is a red grape variety originally from the Valencia region of Spain. It is used for powerful and expressive red wines with aromas of black fruit, tobacco and leather. These wines are ideal to pair with grilled meats or strong cheeses.


is a red grape variety grown throughout Spain, but best known in the Jumilla region. It is used for rich and full red wines with aromas of dark fruit, chocolate and spices. These wines are excellent to drink alone or to pair with hearty dishes.

At traditional bodegas you will find winemakers who are committed to preserving the authentic way of making wine. From hand-picking the grapes to using traditional techniques and equipment, these producers take pride in their craft and the cultural traditions of their region.

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