Spanish ham at Brouwhoeve

The authentic flavors of Spain from artisan hams!

The Spanish Iberico ham comes from the mountains and is made from the meat of Iberian pigs. These pigs are fed a special diet consisting of acorns, olives and grass, which leads to a unique taste and texture of the ham.

Iberian pig

The Iberian pig spends the last phase of its life in the Dehesa. The trees in the Dehesa produce acorns, but there are also other food sources for the pig. The pigs feed on the fruits and herbs they find in the forest. This offers the pig the chance to live in freedom and enjoy the natural environment.

Rich full flavour

Iberico ham has a rich, full flavor and a soft, buttery texture. The ham is traditionally aged for a period of 36 to 48 months, resulting in an intense aroma and flavour.

The Spanish ham is a common ingredient in many recipes in Spain.

Think of the famous melon with ham, the cold tomato soup salmorejo or the tapas dish huevos estrellados. In Catalonia, the ham is often used as a filling for a sandwich with tomato and olive oil, the famous pa amb tomàquet. There are two types of ham you can get, Iberico ham and Serrano ham. You can also choose whether you want the ham from the paleta or paletilla (the shoulder) or the pata (the hind leg).