Spanish cheeses at Brouwhoeve

Spanish cheeses: taste the rich flavors of the land of the sun!

Spanish cheeses offer a wide variety of flavors and textures because they are made from the milk of sheep, cows and goats. We offer both natural and seasoned cheeses, so there is something for everyone.

Sheep cheese

The Spanish sheep cheese has a rich, full taste. The cheese is aged longer, resulting in a more intense aroma and a spicy taste. The cheese is also slightly spicy and has a hard, dry structure.

Cheese made from cow’s milk

The cheeses made from cow’s milk have a soft, creamy taste. The cheese has matured younger and therefore has a milder aroma and a soft, creamy structure. The cheese is perfect to serve on a sandwich or as part of a tapas board.

Goat cheese

The Spanish goat cheese has a distinctive, spicy aroma and a taste that is slightly sour. The cheese has a soft, creamy texture and is perfect to serve on a cracker or as part of a salad. The goat cheese is also delicious to use in various dishes as a seasoning.

Spanish cheeses at Brouwhoeve

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