QR Gin at Restaurant Le Dauphin

Shine bright like a diamond… And the QR Gins of Bert Wets do shine!

At this restaurant, fine dining is elevated to the highest good. This includes the best drinks of the highest quality. As well as, for example, Gin, the QR Gin that is.

The QR Gin is an idea from Bert Wets. The idea was to bring out two Gins with a taste difference of day and night. The result has been poured into a feminine refined light gin called QR1. Opposite is a more spicy masculine tough gin, called QR2.

Luxury leaves no one untouched. Nor are gourmets. Who doesn’t fall for the charm of dazzling surroundings? Who doesn’t want to be pampered by an extremely professional brigade?

Le Dauphin Restaurant provides you with a real fine dining experience

We are going to try to give you an impression of the overall picture of fine dining at Le Dauphin restaurant.

First, as soon as you enter the imposing steps of Le Dauphin restaurant, you are welcomed by the charismatic maître and feel like a privileged guest.

Secondly, the art and flowers brighten up the well-kept interior. Here you will enjoy smoothed table linens, self-designed art from bronze sculptures and some old lithographs from the 19th century.

Thirdly, the luxury at the table. There you will dine with the finest Bertrand Paris silverware and elegant pure crystal glasses.

Added to this is the romantic location and setting.

And final the view is breathtaking!

Le Dauphin restaurant and QR Gin, an idea from Bert Wets

Although somewhat hidden in La Bahía del Portet Moraira-Alicante, its location is directly on the beach. The restaurant is built with natural stone and all the wood comes from monasteries in Toledo. In addition, the interior design has been carried out in such a way that you imagine yourself in a totally Mediterranean Provençal atmosphere with spectacular views of the entire bay of Moraira, Calpe and the colossal Rock of Ifach in the background.

On the one hand, you can, of course, enjoy good food here. On the other hand, the artisanal drinks on the menu are also highly recommended. Not only is Brouwhoeve’s traditionally distilled Tripel beer available here, but also their own QR Gin private label distilled in collaboration with Brouwhoeve distillery in Benissa.

Introduction QR1 and QR2 Gin by Bert Wets

The team of Distillery Brouwhoeve and Bert Wets of Le Dauphin restaurant

Le Dauphin restaurant is a destination in itself

Not only the location is worth going to, but also the beautiful, unique and sensual gastronomic experience. The gastronomic experience begins with personal attention, an elegant setting and a dazzling panoramic view of the Mediterranean. Then, of course, the elaborate dishes of fish from the bay prepared with olive oil and fresh herbs. But also special meats like the Australian Rossini entrecote and a crown of fried lamb. In addition, the desserts, breads and sweets are completely home-made and the products are always fresh. After all, the pallet on the board is also important and that is art in itself.

Everything is about perfection at this restaurant run by Bert Wets, yet it is nice and casual.

Thanks to inventiveness and classic knowledge, this chef creates with a few elements plates that tell a story. The originality lies in the surprising transformation they give to a product.

So much relief, so much finesse. That is genius in its simplicity! Here’s a tip: Take the opportunity to combine these dishes with the traditional speciality beers from the Brouwhoeve brewery in Benissa.

You imagine yourself in a starred restaurant here

The perfectly prepared plates are served along with the best selected wines. In other words, a top-class fine dining experience awaits you at Le Dauphin. Warm fabrics, pleasant design and Mediterranean tones come together there in a setting that is intimate and romantic. What’s more, you just can’t get enough of the magnificent view.

The kitchen at Le Dauphin restaurant extends the line of refinement to the plate. This translates into beautiful flavours that are united with a very individual creativity.

This chef is technically skilled and cooks with feeling, so that the powerful taste of as many local ingredients as possible balances effortlessly with fine aromas.

Restaurant Le Dauphin

QR Gin Bert Wets

Own Brand Gin developed and produced by Brouwhoeve Distillery for Bert Wets

QR1 Gin

Every visit to Le Dauphin by Bert Wets is a fascinating journey of discovery. Thanks to the great private label Gin developed with Brouwhoeve Distillery, it becomes even more exciting. Incidentally, Bert Wets’ own brand of Gin has been released under the name QR Gin Bert Wets.

And did you know that this gin won Silver at the 2022 International Spirit Challenge?

QR2 Gin

We chose to make a London Dry Gin with the large copper still from the Brouwhoeve. Here, we have used a traditional formula of botanical gin.

Prior to the development of this recipe, it was necessary to test and experiment frequently. Because the classic botanicals in this recipe each give the gin its own nuance and character, balancing them was a real challenge. However, the result is a powerful spicy gin!

And did you know that this gin has won Bronze at the International Spirit Challenge 2022?

Use of fresh produce, local spices and products from the Spanish soil

The chef incorporates all that into creative dishes that highlight technical mastery. It is an international story with modern finesse as its guiding principle. Restaurant Le Dauphin by Bert Wets, that’s real Spanish grandeur in Moraira.

Behold the breathtaking view of the bay of El Portet in Moraira. That sunset! In this well-known top establishment, gastronomy is central: personalized service with exclusive wine advice and fine artisanal beverages from the Brouwhoeve. Dishes here are prepared for you with passion and care. You can taste and see that! Highly recommended.

Restaurant Le Dauphin

Calle Puerto Lapice 18, Playa del portet,
Cp: 3740 Moraira -Teulada – El portet
Tel: 966 490 432