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The taste of restaurant Enzo in a beautiful private label specialty beer: Enzo Pale Ale!

Many people know Enzo in Moraira for their great hospitality and the beautiful dishes. You could call it family.

With a selection of only the best local wines and ingredients, the menu is completely original and unsurpassed. It is high time to add a real Enzo private label beer to that. And that is precisely the Pale Ale that Brouwhoeve Bierbrouwerij in Benissa has put together entirely according to its own recipe for restaurant Enzo, so that it goes extra well with authentically beautiful dishes.

Enzo, own brand of beer

We quickly knew that we wanted to make a beer with a pleasant bitterness accompanied by hints of coriander seeds. The beer is brewed with ‘botanicals’ that give the beer a nice round and refreshing character. You should not miss this beer at this beautiful restaurant. Order this Enzo beer on the terrace, relax and enjoy!

We were very surprised at the first tasting session. It made sense almost immediately. We just had to fine-tune a bit. Then we scaled up. For that we had the perfect partner in the owners of Enzo who are fully involved in the process.

“This tastes like Enzo!”

When you open the beer bottle, the first thing you notice is the smell. It is a very characteristic and aromatic beer. Of course it smells of beer in the first place, but the smell of citrus and coriander immediately meets you.

Brouwhoeve private label
Brouwhoeve private label

At Enzo they serve the beer with their dishes. Then the flavors come into their own.

Brouwhoeve – taste explosion

This week we had it tasted to see the first reactions for real. That was fun. One of the nicest reactions was: “Wow, this tastes like Enzo!”. Somehow you know that right away. We think it’s great that we were able to create a typical Brouwhoeve flavour explosion for restaurant Enzo again, where you taste a lot of nuance, but none of the ingredients overshadow each other.

Do you also want to try Enzo beer?

Drop by! The address is: C. de la Iglesia, 10 Moraira Telephone number 966 49 18 20

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