Water lock


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The most well-known water seal. Protects against flies, oxidation and contamination. Suitable for containers from 1-50 l. Fits into a 9 mm hole.

How does a water lock work?
By filling the water seal with a little water, it works like a siphon; the water seals the wine or beer from the outside air. As a result, no bacteria can penetrate. However, the carbon dioxide formed during fermentation will escape through the water seal due to the overpressure.

The hose-type water closures are the cheapest, but they are more difficult to clean than the cylindrical models. For volumes of 50 litres or more, the use of cylindrical water locks is essential in order to be able to handle the larger flow of carbon dioxide. The water in the water seal can evaporate, so regular checking and topping up is necessary. If necessary, fill the water seal with a disinfectant solution.

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Water lock


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