Brouwhoeve Moscatel Beer

Brouwhoeve Moscatel Beer


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Brouwhoeve Moscatel Beer

When brewer and winemaker meet…

Brouwhoeve Moscatel beer, brewed with barley and spicy in structure, supported by the sweetness of the Spanish Moscatel dessert wine, an interesting taste sensation. How beautiful is that, developing a beer with one of the most famous winemakers from Teulada, Bodega Coop San Vicente Ferrer de Teulada.

Anyone who has been to the south of Spain, which is in the backyard of our brewery, may have drunk them, those full-bodied, sweet dessert wines from the Moscatel grape, full of that delicious sultana flavour. In cooperation with a local winegrower, we have brewed a fantastic combination with this Moscatel wine.

Moscatel Beer, a blond tasting beer, and that is exactly what it is, a deliciously enjoyable beer. A combination of spicy, fruity and alcoholic flavours, supported by a soft maltiness. Beautifully subtle sweetness from the Moscatel, with appropriate density and viscosity, with the characteristic notes of the Moscatel grape standing out in its presence, such as the floral aromas of jasmine, orange blossom and honey. But also citrus notes of lime and grapefruit and other sweet notes. Nice bitterness without being too emphatic, just right. The flavours complement each other well. A beer that stirs up the desire for spring. Really beautiful beer.

  • Beer style: Blonde
  • Alcohol: 5%
  • Category: Blond and vigorous
  • Foodstuffs: Oily fish, Spicy dishes, Meat dishes, Spicy and mature cheeses, Sweet desserts
  • Drinking temp: 9-12 °C
  • Volume: 33 cl
  • Fermentation: Top-fermenting
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