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A good Gin, Vodka, Whisky, they are fixtures on your shelves. Nowadays, customers expect an extensive choice. But what if, for example, gin lovers chose based on taste, and no longer based on recognizable and expensive labels? No doubt that fits your company’s exclusive vision better. With private label spirits from Brouwhoeve, this is perfectly possible!

You serve a real aperitif maison in a recognizable and attractive bottle, fully in line with your corporate identity. Your own spirit becomes the eye-catcher in your company or at the table and convinces thanks to the premium spirit that is artisanally made.

Private Label Gin

Branding Private Label for you?

A complete guidance from concept to development, craftsmanship and experience in the industry are available. Numerous and diverse projects have been realized over the years. Both national and international.

QRgin Bert Wets Le Dauphin


Revenue Generator

Brouwhoeve stands for commitment, creativity and above all quality. Each project is unique. The development of a private label requires customization where the product is central. This includes product development, maturation, bottling, storage and transport both nationally and internationally.


Total Concept

Fun… Well, we can’t take care of all the fun in the world. But we can guarantee you plenty of fun in brainstorming. Our pleasure is your pleasure. Fun is working with like-minded people. So: dream with us…and let’s distill fantastic Gin.

QRgin Bert Wets Le Dauphin

Your GIN where do we start?

Brouwhoeve private label

Customized recipe development

Contact us and we will arrange a convenient time to discuss your ideas. We will make some suggestions and once the overall style and ingredients are approved, we will make one or two sample bottles on our traditional copper Lambic still distiller.

We have an extensive collection of ingredients and flavours and love creative challenges, so use your imagination, or let our creative team match a gin with your brand and define your gin style and flavours for you!

Label design and bottle

We believe we really stand out in the crowded custom spirits market for three reasons: Small batch runs – we have the ability to produce small quantities without compromising on price Customer service – we are always available and will help you in any way we can. Price – we will do everything we can to adjust our prices to your desired margins and we have numerous pricing strategies to work from.

We will guide you in the design of your label and will provide the necessary legal information and verify that the label complies with the law before printing. You can bottle your bespoke batch of spirits in a variety of bottle sizes and you can use our existing bottle range or choose your own unique bottle shape.

Brouwhoeve Private Label


Our distillation process guarantees a premium look and taste for your gin. Our master distillers make high-quality craft gins, using traditional copper pot stills and only the finest botanical ingredients and alcohol.

We think along!


End product. Two beautiful high-end gins. QR1 and QR2 GIN.

The vapour distillation technique we use creates a fresh, clean taste in the mouth, while our multi-shot distillation method ensures that your gin has a bold, distinctive flavour. We are constantly producing new and exciting recipes and are known as one of the few artisanal distilleries in Spain.

Team Brouwhoeve distilleert QR Gin

Introduction of private label gin for Bert Wets.

Thinkers, you often know quite well what you want and you have good ideas yourself. We think along with you. Not to turn you away from your idea because we supposedly know better. We think along with you and use our expertise to see how your wishes can be implemented. We are your sparring partner.

We pride ourselves on exotic flavours and go one step further than other Spirit Brands.

How? We will be happy to discuss this with you. Let’s get started!

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If you have any questions feel free to ask !