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A nice Gin Tonic nowadays it's a fixture on menus

Guests expect an extensive gin list to order their favourite brand. But what if gin lovers chose on the basis of taste, and no longer on the basis of recognisable and expensive labels? That would undoubtedly fit in better with your company’s culinary vision.

Create your own drink(s) with Brouwhoeve and challenge us

With private label drinks this is absolutely possible! You serve a real aperitif maison. In a recognisable and attractive bottle, fully in line with your house style. Your own house drink will be the eye-catcher on the table and shall convince thanks to the premium drink that is made according to traditional methods.

This is your chance; a world-class private brand of gin, rum or vodka

Create a world-class Gin, your own recipe designed to your specifications. Brouwhoeve Contract distills it your way. As a leading contract distillery, we offer you the opportunity to create a world-class spirit, designed to your individual specifications, without the expense of building your own distillery.

We work with you in full cooperation from the initial concept discussions and development to your final spirit. Whether it is the development of gin or vodka, our team of highly skilled and passionate distillers will work with meticulous care and attention to detail, realising that quality is paramount to the success of your brand.

From selecting raw materials to final distribution, Brouwhoeve guides you through the unique process and helps you create your own range of drinks based on your story.

White Label Gin, Vodka and Liqueur service from Brouwhoeve

We believe that Brouwhoeve Distillery really stands out in the crowded bespoke spirits market for three reasons:

Small batch runs – We have the ability to produce orders in small quantities without compromising on price.

Customer service – we are always available and will help in any way we can.

Price – we will make every effort to match our prices to your desired margins and have numerous pricing strategies to work from.

Private label, tailor-made distillation services. ‘If you can vision it, we can distil it’

A fully customised end-to-end distilling service for hospitality and business companies interested in launching their own distinctive gin. At Brouwhoeve distillery, we can make a unique gin for your company within a few weeks. For our clients, this has proved to be an excellent way of generating additional turnover in an uncertain climate. Gins are available in any reasonable volume, the most popular being 70cl or 50cl bottles and 20cl miniatures. We have excellent relationships with bottle suppliers, which allows us to buy bottles that are out of stock quickly and cheaply.
Brouwhoeve Ginproeverij

Try us!

Distilled to your taste: we work only with the best vegetable ingredients and alcohol to create the perfect distillate for you.

Brouwhoeve has a range of prepared recipes to choose from and can design new flavour profiles as you wish. You can even make an appointment to build the recipe yourself with our master distiller. With the ability to flavour all our spirits to your liking, we are confident that we can make the right gin for you.

Are you interested in making your own drink?

Contact us and together we will find ways to bring your new flavours to life.

Warehousing & Logistics

No place to store your bottles? No problem, our warehouse is at your disposal. We can also deliver your spirits to where you need them. We take care of all the warehousing and logistics that your liquor needs, so that you can concentrate on your next creations.

Bring your own beverage brand to life

Distilled by the experts: our distillation process guarantees a premium look and taste for your Gin. At Brouwhoeve’s distillery we make first-class handmade spirits every day, using traditional copper kettles and only the best vegetable ingredients and alcohol. The vapour distillation technique that is used ensures a fresh, clean taste in the mouth, while our distillation method ensures that your gin has a bold, recognisable flavour. We are constantly producing new and exciting recipes.

Brouwhoeve Distilling

White Label Gin and Vodka supplier

Why choose artisanal gins and vodkas? Brouwhoeve distillery makes a perfect Gin for companies large or small, according to their own specifications. As a white-label gin manufacturer, our extensive knowledge of the gin and spirits industry means that a lot is possible. We can produce any batch size of your custom-made gin, ranging from 200 bottles to over 10,000.

How nice would it be creating your own drink just for yourself? Contact us and together we will find ways to suit your taste.

Tailor-made distilling services & Private Label Gin

Our tailor-made gin supply is a universal service that covers all aspects of bringing your private label gin to life. We take care of the entire process from concept development, label design and recipe testing to distillation and delivery of the final product.

For companies, retail, hospitality, leisure and events, private label gins or liqueurs are a fresh new way to promote your brand or business. It can generate an alternative income and also makes a great special gift for those who want to give their customers or employees an unforgettable experience or leave a lasting impression.


200 or 10,000 bottles. Our production flexibility ensures that you get what you need and that you are the one who chooses. Brouwhoeve Distillery is there to meet your needs and take them to the next level.

Brouwhoeve operates according to a true artisanal philosophy, from selecting the best local and sustainable ingredients to mashing and fermenting, distilling, maturing and bottling, resulting in premium artisanal spirits that we closely monitor at every step of the production process.

Brouwhoeve Distilling
Where do we start and how does it work?

Step one:: create your distinctive taste profile… We will set up a Zoom meeting to get personally acquainted and discuss the options. We stock more than 100 interesting and exotic botanicals with unlimited flavour combinations. After hearing your requirements/ambitions, we distill a sample batch for you to approve.

Step two: choose your bottle and design… We can advise you on a range of bottles and the design of the label is usually up to you. Of course, we can also design this for you. Send our distillery team a message and we will arrange a convenient time to discuss your ideas. Of course, this can be done at our company or at your place. If the distance is an issue, we can converse via Facetime.

We will make some suggestions and once the overall style and ingredients are approved, we will make one or two sample bottles. We will send it to you and via Facetime we can taste and judge it. We have an extensive collection of ingredients & flavours and love a creative challenge so use your imagination, or let our creative team match a gin with your brand and define your gin style & flavours for you!

A unique drink should have a unique bottle and we are here to provide that. Our goal is to translate your own Gin with unique flavours into your perfect bottle.

Of course, we can take care of the design of your label

Or you can organise the design yourself. We will provide the necessary legal information and will supplement the label with the legally required items before printing. You can bottle your custom-made batch of gin in different bottle sizes. Brouwhoeve has a wide range of bottles, but of course you can also choose from the assortment of other suppliers. We currently have a stock of 70, 50, 20cl bottles.

Award-winning recipes

Brouwhoeve distillery makes first-class artisanal spirits, many of which are medal-winning and well-suited for distinctive private labels. Brouwhoeve distillery makes first-class artisanal spirits, many of which are medal-winning and well-suited for distinctive private labels. By using a wide range of ingredients. We can use an existing recipe or really make something unique. We can produce organically certified (skal) drinks. If you’re looking for an organic gin, organic rum or organic vodka to launch, we can help.
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But how much will it cost?

Curious about the cost of serving our branded spirits, beers or wines as house drinks or operating them under your own brand? Simply contact us to receive a tailor-made price offer. De prijzen zijn sterk afhankelijk van partij hoeveelheden, de kwaliteit en soort gedistilleerd en de kwaliteit van de verpakking. The prices depend heavily on batch quantities, the quality and type of spirits and the quality of the packaging.

Ready to get started?

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