Private label beer

Brouwhoeve private label beer!

Brew your own beer, your own beer, your own recipe. What could be better than your own unique, tailor-made brand of craft beer, we are happy to work for you.

We offer you support throughout the entire process. Designing labels and packaging, creating the custom recipe and helping you with numerous tax regulations.

Customers of all sizes and budgets will benefit from our experience, our in-house design department for sleek label designs and professional product photos, the customized recipe with our brewing team and most importantly: our brewing, production and production facilities.

We work for clients throughout Europe.

Together we brew the best of it!

By working with us, experts in beer and spirits production and the most flexible producer in the industry, you get a quality product for a fair price.

The brewing process is the most important part, good design combined with a good story and fantastic beers form the basis for every success.

Contact us about creating and brewing your own custom label beer or private label spirits and liqueurs.

We can help you bring your dreams to life.

Private label storage

We understand the importance of stocking custom private label liquors, spirits, beer and other products. That’s why we have warehouses available in the Netherlands and Spain, to help you with logistics and distribution.

Collaboration with Brouwhoeve... Brew your own beer!


Together we brew the finest

The question of how to create distinctiveness is one that we often discuss with entrepreneurs. After all, you do not want the standard package that every hotel and catering business sells, but something unique. Something to set you apart from the rest!


Turnover generator:

It is perfectly possible with a private label beer! Your own special beer is a turnover generator. Because a quality beer with a specific and recognisable taste is beer that people come back for. Beer that is talked about. And that makes it not only a product, but also a powerful marketing tool!


Total concept for your own beer

From a unique promotional gift to specialty beer for an event to a new promotional tool - for your catering company or liquor store, the possibilities are almost endless when creating a tailor-made beer with Brouwhoeve. We offer an exclusive total concept for private label drinks. A really good beer with everything that goes with it. Choose your own beer type, label or label, beer mats. In consultation with the brewers of Brouwhoeve we look at the possibilities. And then we make it for you! Your idea about the label will be transformed into a sleek design by our own design department and we will of course also take care of the printing.

Your beer! that Brouwhoeve brews with you

Together with us, you decide what kind of beer you want to make and which ingredients go best with your beer. We do this in a personal conversation in which we explain what the possibilities are, what tasty and exciting combinations are and how we can make them. Combining the flavors, controlling the process with the precision of a Swiss watch. That is what makes brewing so enormously interesting. In the end, you decide what we brew!


Brouwhoeve 'private label' beer

Co-thinkers; You often know what you want and you have good ideas of your own…

We think along with you. Not to dissuade you from your idea because we supposedly know better. We think along with you and use our expertise to see how your wishes can be implemented. We are your sparring partner. And if you don’t have any idea… of course we do!

We are ‘thinkers’. How? We will be happy to discuss this with you. Let’s get started!

Let’s get started, get out there and do it!