Original Christmas gifts

One of the most beautiful moments of this holiday season is giving the Christmas gifts

It is not so much the receiving, but rather the buying of culinary Christmas gifts, which is a special experience for many people. The process of thinking about what that special someone would like, the emotion on their face when they receive the gift and the joy and surprise when they discover what it is are moments to cherish. Especially when it comes to original Christmas gifts!

At Brouwhoeve we love to be part of these moments and to be responsible for these sensations in one way or another. That is why we have collected the nicest and most special Christmas gifts in our Culinary Gifts section. Are you curious about our selection? In this article we would like to tell you more about it.

Original Christmas gifts at Brouwhoeve

Christmas packages from Brouwhoeve

As a token of appreciation, give a delicious Christmas package with the best products

Christmas is our favorite holiday!

At Brouwhoeve we stand for values such as love, friendship, parties, joy, life and positivity.

Don’t wait for a good day, make one!

We therefore think it’s great if our customers can count on us during the holidays, with our wide range of original Christmas gifts.
We often buy our products directly from the farmer or local Mediterranean producers. We often buy our products directly from the farmer or local Mediterranean producers. We guarantee special products with a good price/quality ratio and many of our products are organic.

In our delicatessen webshop you will find both Christmas gifts and original gastronomic gifts for all tastes and budgets. Not sure what you’re looking for or what to give as a gift? Feel free to ask one of our team members for help. We are happy to help you! Don’t forget that our goal is to make you feel at home and happy with the choice you made.

Christmas baskets

Our Christmas baskets are one of our most original and popular Christmas gifts. At Brouwhoeve we do everything with great care and passion, including our original Christmas baskets. They are the perfect gift to surprise someone or send as a thank you. Each Christmas basket is unique and can be adapted to your personal taste. We fill the baskets with delicious products from our extensive range, such as Spanish ham, Turrones, biscuits, wines, specialty beers and cavas. But also other delicacies that provide a true gastronomic experience, such as our own black fig jam, made by our most loyal producers under our own brand and supervision. Or our delicious Picual olive oil, perfect to combine with dishes or to enjoy with bread.

Brouwhoeve Custom Christmas packages

At Brouwhoeve we import many of our products ourselves and we have a nose for the special. This allows us to put together Christmas packages that you will not find anywhere else. With our diverse range of Mediterranean wines, drinks, liqueurs, delicacies, a cataplana pan and even pottery, we love to put together something unique for your employees and/or relations. We are happy to think along with you to put together a gift package that gives the recipient a sunny and happy feeling.

We can also add some of the various canned seafood we have in Brouwhoeve’s webshop, making the “pica pica” last indefinitely. Of course we can’t forget our selection of Spanish hams. And how about a basket of vegan products?

Brouwhoeve and Christmas

As we have said many times, the customer is a friend to us who comes to our website to buy quality products for you to enjoy. Being part of the special moments in your life, like Christmas, fills us with joy. That is why we at Brouwhoeve do everything we can to stay present at these parties and we only offer the best.

Sustainable and organic Christmas package

Organic Christmas hampers are becoming increasingly popular.

At Brouwhoeve, sustainability is high on the agenda and that is why we can put together a tasty and sustainable Christmas package for you from our wide organic range.
Our webshop breathes the atmosphere of the Mediterranean and everything we offer, we buy with passion for our profession and the region we love. As a company you have come to the right place if you are looking for something special to give or buy. We strive for your customers or staff to exclaim ‘oh’s’, ‘ah’s’ and ‘yum’s’ when opening the carefully composed package.
Have you already thought about what kind of original Christmas gifts you will give this year? Don’t forget that you can contact us at any time via our contact page or telephone. We are confident that we will find what you are looking for!

Unique Christmas packages for your employees

A Christmas package that will make your staff happy. Are you looking for a unique Christmas package for your staff or business relations? Would you like to give something different this year, something that people can really enjoy? Think of a special bottle of wine or Grappa, a cocktail set or a beautiful Spanish ham. At Brouwhoeve you are at the right place! Who doesn’t like a special Mediterranean package with delicious food, drinks and beautiful decoration for the table? We are happy to make a gift proposal within an agreed budget. Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone and we promise you a unique Christmas gift that is different from the usual!