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Artisanal sausages and hams

Spanish ham

Spanish ham at Brouwhoeve The authentic flavors of Spain from artisan hams! The Spanish Iberico ham comes from the mountains and is made from the

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Artisan cheeses

Spanish cheeses

Spanish cheeses at Brouwhoeve Spanish cheeses: taste the rich flavors of the land of the sun! Spanish cheeses offer a wide variety of flavors and

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Spanish wines

Spanish wines

Spanish wines at Brouwhoeve Discover the depths of flavor and tradition in the fine artisanal Spanish wines Spain is a country with a long and

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Private Label Beer

Restaurant ENZO

ENZO Bar | Restaurant @Brouwhoeve The taste of restaurant Enzo in a beautiful private label specialty beer: Enzo Pale Ale! Many people know Enzo in

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restaurant Le dauphin
Private label Gin

QR Gin Bert Wets

QR Gin at Restaurant Le Dauphin QR Gin by Bert Wets in collaboration with Brouwhoeve Shine bright like a diamond… And the QR Gins of

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