Introducing Don Renardo:
our exclusive new craft gin

We’ve been working on something exciting behind the scenes for the past few months (or rather, the entire Brouwhoeve team has been) and we’re excited to finally share it with you. Introducing Don Renardo – our beautiful new London Dry Gin.

Don Renardo GIN

The name Don Renardo

As a craft distiller, we have chosen to name our new gin “Don Renardo” for several meaningful reasons: “Renardo” is Spanish for “Reinier de Vos”, and choosing this name brings a touch of Spanish flair and exotic allure to given the gin. In addition, it adds a touch of cultural and historical reference, giving the Don Renardo gin a story and a sense of tradition and authenticity.

Local ingredients: We strive to use as many ingredients from the area as possible. By naming the gin after the fox, which is common in the region, we emphasize the connection with local nature and biodiversity. In this way we make the link to the use of botanical ingredients that make the gin unique and create a strong bond with the region.

The fox as a symbol: Foxes are often known for their cunning, intelligence and adaptability, and they have a mystical appeal in many cultures. By naming the gin after the fox, we suggest that the drink also has a smart and unique character, with an intriguing and versatile flavor profile.

Comparison with the character of the fox such as: complexity, subtlety, balance, cleverness, elegance and a certain naughtiness.

Smell, twist, close your eyes, inhale. Experience Don Renardo Gin.

Craftsmanship is the key at Brouwhoeve. 18 botanicals have been used in this Gin, including Juniper Berry, Coriander, Lime Leaf and Cardamom. Key ingredients in this fragrant and elegant London Dry Gin.

After quite a bit of trial and error, experimenting with all kinds of weird and wonderful flavor combinations, we knew we had found ‘the one’ with this magical blend of citrus and herbs. The combination of the taste and aromas of lime zest with the sweet spiciness of cardamom gave the gin a heavenly palate that couldn’t be surpassed.

The gin fanatics among us will also know that because it is a London Dry Gin, the botanicals have been re-distilled with the gin and juniper, adding flavors that are intense and give a wonderfully long finish. It’s a method that produces the highest quality gins, and we knew it was going to happen.

Book here and come and taste our Don Renardo gin, discover what happens behind the scenes and enjoy your taste buds.

It's all about these Botanicals
our Taste Note

This Don Renardo gin reveals an exceptionally complex aroma that stimulates the senses. When opening the bottle, the classic juniper berries immediately penetrate, followed by a delicate scent of sweet coriander and refreshing oregano. The presence of laurel adds a subtle earthy touch, while the hint of rose offers a touch of florality.

At the first sip the flavors are harmonious together. The prominent basil and rosemary provide a spicy base that blends beautifully with the lively notes of thyme and sage. It provides a balanced and refined taste experience that honors the rich tradition of gin.

As the finish unfolds, a subtle complexity emerges due to the presence of anise, fennel and cumin, which add a slightly spicy touch and a touch of exoticism. The sumac gives a surprising citrusy note that refreshes the palette.

The gin achieves a masterful balance between fruity and spicy, thanks to the citrus accents of lemon and orange peel, which add a subtle sweetness to the whole. The dried tomato and pepper provide a unique and savory undertone, while the chili peppers provide a pleasant, mild spiciness without being overpowering.

This artisanal gin is a work of art of flavors and aromas, perfect for lovers of complexity and depth. The combination of natural ingredients creates a distinct character that will surprise and delight every gin lover. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks or in a refined cocktail to discover the full scope of its extensive flavor palette.

Why you want to try this gin as a gin lover

Don Renardo Gin has a unique, full taste that is fresh, sweet and spicy. In addition, this gin is very versatile, which makes it perfect for gin and tonics, gin cocktails and in the mix with, for example, Ginger Ale.

The gin can be served in any season, because you can make it into both a summer and winter gin and tonic by garnishing it!

Smell, twist, close your eyes, inhale. Experience Don Renardo Gin.

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The perfect serve

So, what’s the best way to enjoy delicious Don Renardo? Well, in our opinion (who better to ask than the guy who helped make the gin!),
there are two routes you should try at home if you want to achieve “the perfect pour”.

The perfect serve

Recipe 1

The purist’s approach
Let the gin do 99% of the talking with this simple method. All you need is some ice in your tumbler and a double Don Renardo, topped with a dash of full-fat premium tonic. Stir gently and off you go. The sublime notes of citrus and warming herbs are unaffected by garnishes and a larger amount of tonic.

The perfect serve

Recipe 2

If you prefer a more traditional gin and tonic, use the botanical components in the Don Renardo and use a glass that allows the vibrant aromas to pop out of the glass. A large wine glass works well here. Add some ice cubes, add a 25 ml scoop of Don Renardo, a little lime zest and four green cardamom pods and stir gently. Top up with your favorite regular slimline tonic and enjoy.

Don Renardo gin

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