Don Martín Whisky

Meet Don Martín,
a Spanish, 8 year old blended whisky.

It is a very tasteful, unique expression. The core of the Don Martín expression is an 8-year-old blended whiskey that has first been ‘aged’ and matured in oak barrels. The whiskey is then transferred to custom-made Oloroso sherry octave barrels for at least three months. The small barrels provide a high surface area to volume ratio, leading to more barrel influence and more of those intense sherry notes.

Don Martín, a whiskey pleasantly surprising in taste and with an enthusiastic story that is eager to be told.

What makes Don Martín Whiskey unique?

It all starts with our collaboration with destilerías Manuel Acha, a family business that has been producing traditional and artisanal products in Spain since 1831. Starting from selected malts of the highest quality and with respect for age-old traditional techniques of an old family recipe. Privileged by the climate of a beautiful valley, the fine whiskey matures in noble oak of different origins, refining aromas and flavors into an exceptionally balanced and harmonious whisky. Infused with the rich and complex character of Spain.

Given the impossibility at the time of obtaining quality peat for drying sprouted barley, it was decided to produce quality malt, made with smoking and slow drying techniques using live oak firewood. After rediscovering these ancient production techniques, which had been jealously guarded for more than a century, they started producing this famous whiskey again.

At Distillery Brouwhoeve we cherish the artisanal process that lies behind this Don Martín whisky. Our distillery in Benissa works with small batches and traditional techniques. Every detail is taken care of by hand, with attention and dedication, and infused with a great dose of passion and pride.

Our Don Martin, a whiskey with an 8-year maturation in oak barrels, where the whiskey is infused with a soft and lush vanilla flavor, which forms the essence of the final product.

But it doesn’t stop there – after this first phase, the whiskey is carefully moved to specially designed European oak sherry casks for several months. This secondary maturation, also known as “finishing,” adds an abundance of flavor layers and complexity. The Oloroso sherry casks, previously steeped in this fortified wine, give the whiskey a deliciously rich, fruity flavor with a hint of spice.

The fusion of these two maturation processes creates a balanced and exceptional flavor profile that unmistakably distinguishes Don Martín whiskey from its whiskey parallel. You will be seduced by the velvety vanilla notes that come from the oak barrels, harmoniously balanced with the lush and fruity notes that emerge from the sherry maturation.

This irresistible combination of flavors is loved by whiskey lovers worldwide – smooth, sweet and with profound complexity, followed by a warm, long-lasting finish.

Colour, Nose, Taste and Aftertaste


An enchanting golden sunset, amber/bronze color.


As you approach the glass you will be greeted by a seductive, beautiful dance of sweet and spicy aromas. The influence of the oak is reflected in the scents of vanilla, honey and a hint of caramel.

The Oloroso Sherry barrels add another dimension of dried fruit and warm nuts, with hints of raisins and hazelnuts.

Whisky Verzekering


The richness of this whiskey will reveal itself at the first sip. The influence of the oak wood provides a silky texture with flavors of toffee, butterscotch and delicate spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Oloroso Sherry casks add a beautiful interplay of ripe fruits, with hints of dried apricots, figs and a hint of orange peel.

Whisky Controle


The aftertaste of this 8-year-old whiskey is warm and long-lasting. The sweetness of the Sherry influence lingers, along with subtle smoky notes that develop from the oak. 

The aftertaste is rounded off with a pleasant balance of herbs and a hint of dark chocolate

Overall impression


This 8 year old whiskey is an excellent example of traditional craftsmanship. The double maturation in oak and Oloroso Sherry barrels adds depth and complexity to the character, achieving a perfect balance between sweet and spiciness. It is a pleasure for the senses and a whiskey that will delight both novice whiskey lovers and experienced connoisseurs.

Whether you want to enjoy the refined aromas or sip a delicious glass, this whiskey will not disappoint you. Look forward to the smooth aroma of this whisky, an experience you don't want to miss.

Don Martin Whisky

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