Literally translated the Golden gift

Meet Don Dorado Rum, a beautiful Spanish oak-aged rum, with a powerful scent of spices and a hint of vanilla. The finish on Oloroso Jerez barrels produces a nutty flavor profile with hints of dark fruit and strong notes of dried herbs. Partly due to our carefully selected blackstrap molasses and distillation, the taste is full of spicy, round and slightly sweet with a soft aftertaste. Don Dorado Rum, which literally means ‘Golden Gift’, is not just a Rum, but an embodiment of craftsmanship and adventure. Don Dorado’s history is steeped in adventurous spirit and traditional craftsmanship, paying tribute to the rich traditions of rum production dating back to the time of explorers and pirates. From famous pirates sailing the high seas downing a bottle of rum, to iconic moments like President Kennedy sipping a Daiquiri when he found out he’d won – we love it!

The story of Don Dorado begins under the warm Spanish sun

Don Dorado Rum

The story of our Don Dorado rum begins with the sugar cane plantations, where the stems of this sweet crop are harvested with care and dedication. These sugar cane stalks, imbued with the flavors of the earth and the sun, are the raw material for golden rum, ready to reveal their secrets. The next step in this story is pressing sugar cane to obtain sweet juice. This juice, with its sweet and aromatic properties, is further refined into molasses, a syrupy and rich substance that forms the heart of our Don Dorado.

Distillery in Benissa

The heart of the story lies in our distillery in Benissa, where the molasses is heated in a large copper kettle. When the molasses heats, the alcoholic vapor rises and is carefully collected. This is the raw spirit, the “eau-de-vie” or “water of life,” that is the basis for gold rum. But what really sets Don Dorado rum apart is its maturation process. We transferred the eau-de-vie to oak barrels, including a finish on Oloroso barrels, where it could rest and mature for 6 years.


These barrels add depth and character to the rum, while revealing subtle aromas of vanilla, spice and wood. It is a slow and patient process, where time affects the taste of the rum. Now, after 6 years of maturation, the Don Dorado rum has developed its full character and is now being carefully bottled. The rum has now acquired its characteristic golden color, a sparkle reminiscent of the warm tones of the Spanish sunset.

The taste is rich and complex, with notes of caramel, dried fruit and a subtle spiciness that stimulates the senses.

Tasting notes

This Don Dorado takes you to a world of pleasure. The taste is full and rich, like a compelling story that unfolds with every sip. You taste notes of toffee, nuts and a hint of spice, a dance of flavors that caress your senses.


The color of Don Dorado is like an enchanting golden sunset, a beautiful golden mixture of colors. It is a visual seduction that immediately captivates you. The Rum reveals its character before you take the first sip.


As you approach the glass you will be greeted by a seductive, beautiful dance of sweet and spicy aromas. The influence of the oak is reflected in the scents of vanilla, honey and a touch of caramel. The Oloroso Sherry barrels add another dimension of dried fruit and warm nuts, with hints of raisins and hazelnuts. Welcome to the world of refinement.


The richness of this rum will reveal itself at the first sip. The influence of oak provides a silky texture with flavors of toffee, butterscotch and delicate spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. The barrels add a beautiful interplay of ripe fruits, with hints of dried apricots, figs and a hint of orange peel.

Don Dorado with milk or white chocolate

A Heavenly Flavor Combination

Let yourself be seduced by this sumptuous combination and let the fusion of rum and chocolate transport you to a realm of pure pleasure.” Milk chocolate and white chocolate go best with Rum with a fruity body and with notes of oak with a lighter character.

Chocolate with 60-72% cocoa makes for incredible combinations, if not some of the best!

Don Dorado & Cheese

Another great combination is a 6 year old rum with different cheeses. However, some cheeses pair better with rum than others. For example, it is better not to choose sharp cheddar with your aged rum. Instead, it is better to opt for creamy cheeses. These cheese types are brie, blue cheese and Gouda cheese. You can also try other cheeses with aged rum such as Parmesan cheese or a drier cheese such as Asiago. Because these cheeses are more peppery, they pair well with a 6 year old rum.

Don Dorado rum

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