Celebrate Easter at Brouwhoeve

Celebrate Easter with Flavour: Discover Our Artisanal Delicacies!

Spring is in full bloom and as nature awakens, it’s time to celebrate Easter! At Brouwhoeve, we embrace this joyous time with an array of delicious treats perfect for sharing with friends, family or clients. Whether you are looking for a unique product for your liquor store, want to add a special dish to your restaurant menu, or are looking for an unforgettable gift, we have something for everyone.

Discover our craft beers and spirits

Our love of brewing beer and distilling spirits is reflected in every glass we pour. From refreshing craft beers to handmade gin and liqueurs, our drinks are the result of craftsmanship and dedication. Discover the rich flavours and unique aromas that can only be found in our selection of premium products.

An Easter to enjoy

Easter is a time to get together and enjoy good company and delicious food and drink. Make your Easter celebration an unforgettable experience with our special selection of Easter baskets. Filled with an assortment of our best beers, craft spirits and delicious delicacies, these baskets are the perfect gift for any foodie. Whether you choose a basket full of beers to share at an Easter brunch or a selection of our spirits to enjoy in the evening, our Easter baskets ensure a festive and tasty celebration.

Liquor stores

Develop a unique offering

As a liquor store owner, you always strive to offer your customers something unique, especially during the holidays. Add a touch of authenticity to your shelves with our craft beers and spirits. Our products are an excellent addition to any range and will certainly be appreciated by customers looking for quality and character.


Bring Renewal to the Menu

Enrich your guests’ taste experience with our craft drinks. Add our unique Easter beers to your range for a fresh twist on classic favourites, or devise bespoke cocktails with our gin and liqueurs. By putting our products on your menu, you guarantee your guests an unforgettable culinary experience.

Individuals and companies

Surprise your Loved Ones with Flavour

Looking for the ultimate Easter gift? Look no further than our beautiful Easter baskets filled with delicious treats. Whether you want to surprise a family member, friend or colleague, our baskets are the perfect way to put a beaming smile on their face. Introduce them to the delicious world of craft beers and spirits and give them an Easter gift that will stay in their memory for a long time.

Order Today!

Make Easter an unforgettable celebration with Brouwhoeve. Explore our range of artisanal treats and order your Easter baskets today for a feast that will excite all their senses. Cheers to a tasty Easter!

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