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Brouwhoeve Craft Distillery

Brouwhoeve distils traditional drinks ‘from grain to drink’. The milling of the malts, the fermentation of the wort and then the distillation according to age-old tradition. All this happens at Brouwhoeve in Benissa, Spain.

Brouwhoeve works with a small-scale approach and small batches. With every step we take, quality of our products that we source as much as possible from the region comes first, and we use only ingredients that are pure.

For distilling, we take ample time and perform much of the activity manually, constantly assessing quality. This is how great products are developed.

Distilling is one of the most beautiful crafts and we love to show you how we come up with our wonderful distillates. Our copper stills are, of course, the shining centerpiece. Visit our Store in Benissa.

Brouwhoeve Distillery

of craft beverages

Enjoy Quality

Our work does not end with the completion and sale of our products, but with your enjoyment. We at Brouwhoeve work daily to the highest quality standards and the will to always give the best. We distill products with natural ingredients based on original recipes. And you can taste that! Our specialties? Tongue-tied Gin, Rum, Vodka and Liqueurs of the highest quality and unique taste and character.

Brouwhoeve Craft Distillates

Each product preserves the secret of artisanal craftsmanship and a sophisticated recipe. Born in the copper kettles of Brouwhoeve Distillery, they find their way to gourmets. At Brouwhoeve, we create mind-blowing liquid works of art with our souls where our passion is coupled with knowledge and skill. We have extensive experience with the taste properties of fruits, flowers, plants, roots and seeds. With this knowledge, we create a balanced taste without artificial flavors.

Brouwhoeve distilleerderij

We bring our beverages to the point of color and flavor with natural ingredients. That’s how we make these spirit-filled liquid works of art.

Strong work from Brouwhoeve

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