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Delicacies from all over Spain!

Spanish delicacies at Brouwhoeve

Available in our store in Benissa or order online!


‘One stop shop’ for all drinks, food and non food orders

Brouwhoeve and Partners is the independent online webshop and physical store in Benissa where suppliers and producers showcase and offer their products for sale. Brouwhoeve and partners brings the whole world of food and drink close by.

The finest craft beers and the finest hams and everything you need to sell or serve it.

Our goal is to provide one reliable address where you can order all your liquor, food and non-food items for as much as possible directly from the producer. Efficient, practical and as much as possible local.
Doing business together, strong together.

Beautiful products that are not available in the supermarket, that is what Brouwhoeve stands for.

Order online via Brouwhoeve and Partners

One place to order the entire range

  • Place your order online from multiple manufacturers in one place.
  • Receive direct from the producers and everything on one invoice.
  • Place your order anytime, anywhere, whenever it suits you.
  • Take advantage of exclusive online promotions from your local suppliers.

Your online-shop. Buy the tastiest artisan products in one place

Brouwhoeve and partners makes everything happen. On our online webshop, every consumer or entrepreneur is connected to the finest local offerings Simply ordered and delivered to your shelves or at home. Both consumers and professionals: from cafeteria to caterer, from canteen to care institution and from hotel, restaurant or liquor store. Above all, we are a people business. Our approach is personal .

We are ready for you

We are always there for any consumer or professional. On our platform we share knowledge, experience and products of all our partners. And by working together transparently, we connect key partners. We connect each other with positive energy, want to be dynamic and keep discovering. We are Brouwhoeve and partners and we will always continue to build on our unique organisation.

Buy artisanal and local

Ordering from Brouwhoeve and partners is easy in our webshop. Create your own order lists for recurring orders, fill your shopping cart in a few clicks and choose your preferred delivery time. A built-in stock check shows you immediately whether your chosen product is in stock. Our webshop is all about the optimal customer experience and shows you perfectly which actions and promotions you should not miss.

Successful together

Cooperation is the foundation of all success. We feel that throughout the organisation. That is why we connect partners, experts and other brands for the best customer service. We challenge the old standards in the market and push for innovation. That makes us happy. We make enterprising professionals more successful, offer unique concepts, access to our network of experts and customised service

Working directly with the producer, real professionals!

Working hard and efficiently is in our DNA. But in addition to perfect delivery, we also strive to help your business where we can. We do this by providing smart calculations, handy tools and practical concepts to help your business grow. Together we will be more successful! Entrepreneurship begins with discovery, innovation begins with opportunity and opportunity is something you seize. We have that drive to see and take opportunities. This is the only way we will continue to develop. And with our experience in the market and a fresh dose of enthusiasm, we explore every avenue. Everything to ensure that our customers, and the customers of our customers, get a smile on their face when the name Brouwhoeve is mentioned.

Back to basics, back to the source

At Brouwhoeve, our craft products are a compelling story, forgotten memories come back to life and “delicious” takes on a new meaning. Real, honest, primal. An exceptional experience.

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