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Spanish wines

Spanish wine from the region can be found at Brouwhoeve in Benissa

Brouwhoeve stands for traditional products and wine is certainly part of that. And then of course Spanish wine. Wine is a beautiful product that is produced with craft and passion. That deserves a platform and Brouwhoeve is happy to contribute to that.

It is therefore a pleasure to work and partner with local winemakers. Above all for the expertise they have possessed for generations. The winemakers are passionate craftsmen who do everything they can to put a beautiful and tasteful traditional product on the table. And that is exactly what Brouwhoeve in Benissa is all about.

Passion, pride and love for the profession are deeply rooted in our winegrowers. As a result, beautiful wines have been produced that have won international awards. Wine authorities such as Robert Parker and Sarah Jane Evans also value some of these wines highly.

Below we would like to introduce you to some bodegas.

At Brouwhoeve we can offer Spanish wine of the highest quality

The winemakers’ experience has been embedded in their DNA for generations. This means that the winemakers are very driven to preserve the authentic winegrowing traditions. They can be found daily in the vineyards to monitor progress and growth. The wine is carefully picked and sorted. Then taken to the bodega for fermentation and assembling. All the necessary aspects come together and from this a beautiful traditional product is developed. In the end, the wine comes in the bottle and on your table!

Brouwhoeve bodega
Brouwhoeve Bodega

Spain has great climatic and geological diversity, with fertile and almost infertile soils. There are dry, hot areas in the south and wetter cooler regions in the north of this immense country. Vines can be found in desert environments, on volcanic soils or in snow-covered landscapes.

Buying Spanish wines and looking for a special selection?

We are happy to help you find a nice bottle of wine to give as a gift or to order for yourself. Brouwhoeve works mainly locally with the good winegrowers and wineries. Even if it is a bit further away, Brouwhoeve can be of service. As long as it’s Spanish. Treat yourself to the unique and refined flavors of Spanish wines.


Brouwhoeve House Wines

Our house wines come from specially selected winegrowers from the Costa Blanca region. The winemakers work every day with a lot of passion, patience and total respect for nature to offer you a high-quality wine. We visit vineyards and wine growers’ homes, know what is going on and support the thinking and working methods of these artisans!

For our house wines, we involve ourselves in the production process with various bodegas from the Costa Blanca. Instead of an endless search for the non-existent, we determine on the spot what is needed. We know from experience what the end consumer wants.

Brouwhoeve in collaboration with fine wineries

Wines in different price ranges

In our offer are beautiful Spanish wines for sale, available in different price ranges. Are you looking for an affordable wine or a special bottle? We are happy to help you make a good choice from them. We are the only link between you and the winemaker, so we can tell you well about the beautiful wines and special bottles within our range.

Brouwhoeve follows the process closely

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