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Brouwhoeve craft beer brewery; When it needs to be special!

Under the Spanish sun, amidst the vast green hills on the edge of nature reserves is this craft brewery in Benissa on the route from Benissa to Teulada on the Costa Blanca North. Where goats once walked, stainless steel brew kettles now shine. The heart of a brewery where exceptional beer has its origins. Everything we make we do with love and passion, that’s what we’re doing now and in the future we’ll be making more ridiculously delicious things.

Fine beers of Brouwhoeve

Brouwhoeve beer brewery and distillery

of craft beverages

Brouwhoeve because it has to be special

Producer of fine artisan beverages

Brouwhoeve a brewery and distillery in short a producer of the finest craft beverages for every moment and taste. So at Brouwhoeve you don’t just have something in your glass, but by drinking special artisanal drinks you make the world a little more beautiful. Due to our antenna for trends and progressive approach, market developments are closely followed.

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Far from ordinary. Fast, agile and groundbreaking, but also down-to-earth and with an eye for detail; that's what binds us. We don't set the alarm clock to go to work, but to brew beer. Our mission is to spread craftsmanship and that is not an empty slogan with us. Always curious for new possibilities and flavors. Reinventing traditional flavors!

A brewery with the most delicious beers for every moment and taste. At Brouwhoeve you don't just have something in your glass, but by drinking special beers you make the world a little more beautiful. Because of our antenna for trends and progressive approach, developments in the beer market are closely followed. We focus on brewing great beer. Every single one of them a gem.

Do you really want to be distinctive? Then brew your own beer! Brewing your own beer for your own business. Your own beer, making your own recipes. Your own "signature" beer. What could be better than serving your own beer to your customers? We not only arrange your own beer, but also a complete merchandise package. Included is everything you need to promote your own specialty beer.

Brouwhoeve recipes

Developing recipes, we could not fall back on a dusty book with a recipe from a distant past. Or on grandpa who has been doing it all his life. We deliberately chose a typical appearance and recognizability of our beer with a clear individuality. Making beautiful beer, as good as possible is what we get out of bed for. Meanwhile, we present a fine series of craft speciality beers. Brouwhoeve makes beer and spirits in a classic style with a modern twist.

Always recognizable and accessible to anyone who wants something special, not only in terms of taste but which also looks very attractive.

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