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Brouwhoeve in Benissa, Spain! Located amid the natural splendour of the Costa Blanca North, this craft brewery embodies a commitment to producing exceptional beers with love and passion. From an area where goats once roamed, gleaming stainless steel brew kettles have now emerged, forming the heart of the brewery and the birthplace of their unique beers.

With a focus on creating ridiculously delicious beers, Brewhoeve promises a tasty and unforgettable experience for beer lovers discovering their brews.

Brouwhoeve: where craft and passion come together to brew something special.

Brouwhoeve Tripel

Brouwhoeve's tripel beer is a powerful and complex beer with a rich malt flavour and fruity esters. This beer often has a higher alcohol content and is characterised by its sweet and spicy notes.

Brouwhoeve Stout

Brouwhoeve's stout is a dark and robust beer with roasted malt aromas, coffee notes and bitter chocolate accents. This beer has a full body and silky texture that provides a rich taste experience.

Discover the taste of true artisanal passion
Discover Brouwhoeve.

Producer of fine artisan beverages

Brouwhoeve, where brewery and distillery come together to produce the finest craft beverages for every occasion and taste. At Brouwhoeve, it’s not just about what’s in your glass, but the experience you taste. Our special craft beverages make the world a little more beautiful, glass by glass. With a keen eye for trends and a forward-thinking approach, we keep a close eye on market developments, always ready to create something new and exciting.

At Brouwhoeve, we are anything but ordinary. At Brouwhoeve, we are anything but ordinary. We set the alarm not to go to work, but to brew beer. Our mission is to propagate the craft, and that is not an empty phrase with us. We are always curious about new possibilities and flavours, and we don't shy away from reinventing traditional flavours!

Brouwhoeve: where the tastiest beers for every moment and taste are brewed. With us, you don't just have something in your glass; with every special beer you taste, you make the world a little bit better. With our feelers for trends and progressive approach, we closely follow developments in the beer market. Our focus is on brewing great beer - all of which are gems that will spoil your taste buds.

Brouwhoeve recipes

Developing recipes was an adventure for us, without a dusty book from a distant past to guide us or the wisdom of grandpa who has been doing it all his life. We deliberately chose a typical look and recognisability of our beer, with a clear individuality. Making great beer is what we get out of bed for every day. Meanwhile, we present a fine series of craft speciality beers. Brouwhoeve brings classic-style beer and spirits in a modern twist.

Always recognizable and accessible to anyone who wants something special, not only in terms of taste but which also looks very attractive.

craft beers from the brewery farm

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