Celebrate Easter

Celebrate Easter at Brouwhoeve Celebrate Easter with Flavour: Discover Our Artisanal Delicacies! Spring is in full bloom and as nature awakens, it’s time to celebrate Easter! At Brouwhoeve, we embrace this joyous time with an array of delicious treats perfect for sharing with friends, family or clients. Whether you are looking for a unique product […]

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Spanish cheeses

Spanish cheeses at Brouwhoeve Spanish cheeses: taste the rich flavors of the land of the sun! Spanish cheeses offer a wide variety of flavors and textures because they are made from the milk of sheep, cows and goats. We offer both natural and seasoned cheeses, so there is something for everyone. Sheep cheese The Spanish

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Spanish wines

Spanish wines at Brouwhoeve Discover the depths of flavor and tradition in the fine artisanal Spanish wines Spain is a country with a long and historic wine-growing tradition, and the many traditional bodegas are a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage. These artisanal producers are dedicated to making high quality wines that showcase the

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Brouwhoeve Distilling

Private label Gin

Your own Gin, by you together with Brouwhoeve! A nice Gin Tonic nowadays it’s a fixture on menus Guests expect an extensive gin list to order their favourite brand. But what if gin lovers chose on the basis of taste, and no longer on the basis of recognisable and expensive labels? That would undoubtedly fit

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