Beer Brewery and Distillery

Brouwhoeve, producer and supplier of fine artisanal beverages

From the grain on the land to the drink in your hand. Brouwhoeve provides it all. With a wide range of craft drinks and items, we are your link between Spanish wine producers, craft beers, craft distillates and beverage producers. For catering entrepreneurs and consumers!


Your Brewer and Distiller

Knowledge, Experience and Passion. This is how the products at Brouwhoeve are made and you can taste that. No screaming and shouting but developing beers through qualitative innovation.

Brouwhoeve Bodega

Brouwhoeve Bodega Benissa

Proud distributor in Benissa of local wine growers. Delicious wines and pure exclusivity now on the shelves in our shop.

Brouwhoeve Craft Beer Brewery

Brouwhoeve Craft Distillery


Brouwhoeve an exceptional experience

In the middle of Benissa and Teulada, you will find the Brouwhoeve. A region where communities are built in characteristic villages and ancient traditions. Where hills dominate the horizon and magnificent panoramas take your breath away.

Here you will find what you don’t expect. Visit the Brouwhoeve and step into another world. A world of craft drinks where taste, smell and image fight for precedence. Drinks that take you by surprise and overwhelm you.

Beer Brewery

For when it has to be special. A brewery with the most delicious beers for every moment and taste. At Brouwhoeve you don't just have something in your glass, but by drinking special beers you make your world a little more beautiful.


Flawless? No, Perfect? Certainly not. Know it all? Never! We toast to our beautiful beers. The brewery is open for tastings and arrangements which you can book online. We would like to tell you about our working methods - some things are secret, but not everything!


In Benissa and the Jalon valley we find the most beautiful products. The finest oranges, the best almonds, fresh lemons, the best herbs, right in our backyard.


Products from the immediate vicinity as much as possible. Picked, peeled, macerated and distilled by real professionals. People with love and passion. People who literally roll up their sleeves every day so that we can put something beautiful in the bottle. And that is how it should be.

Back to basics, back to the source.

At Brouwhoeve, our artisanal drinks are a compelling story, forgotten memories come back to life and “delicious” takes on a new meaning. Real, honest, primal. An exceptional experience.

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