Brouwhoeve, brewery and distillery. Originated on a farm in the Netherlands Here, our master brewers and distillers create the very best vodka, gin, whisky, rum and other carefully crafted signature liqueurs and spirits. Our beers are brewed using only the purest water and the freshest and tastiest grains – each with its own distinctive character and flavour that will be remembered for a long time to come. Drinking our drinks is known to make you smarter, more attractive and more athletic… so cheers!


By incorporating many ancient techniques into modern distilling, we strive to focus on quality and consistency in all aspects and processes in our distillery and the result: handcrafted premium spirits with character!
Brouwhoeve Distilling

Take a sip and you will understand.

We have spirit… to be precise, we have gin, whisky, liqueurs, gin and rum.


All our beers and drinks are expertly crafted. Join us on a journey where great stories are told while enjoying great beers. Our mission is to escape the everyday mass market by producing craft beers with passion, personality and lots of hops!

Guided tours and tastings

Brouwhoeve Ginproeverij

You will learn all about our brewery and distillery! The tour is completely tailored to you. Without haste through the brewery and with a fountain of knowledge within reach.

An educational experience

Private label

Dive with us into the exciting adventure of creating private label drinks at Brouwhoeve, where we take you through the fascinating production process

Your success is built on our knowledge and experience!

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