Brouwhoeve Stout, good for gold

The awards for the Dutch Beer Challenge 2019 were presented in Rotterdam on 18 April. These beers may call themselves the best of 2019.

Now that is something we’re proud of!!!!!

Oorkonde Brouwhoeve Goud

The best beer?

During the Dutch Beer Challenge the beers will be judged by an expert jury. They look, smell and taste whether a beer meets the technical aspects that you can expect within the beer style. So they don’t express any opinion as to whether they like a beer or not, that’s and remains personal and it’s up to each beer drinker to judge for themselves.

441 beers reviewed

Judging the Dutch Beer Challenge is a big job, because this year a total of 441 beers from 146 breweries had to be tasted and judged. “The tasting takes place in the morning, so that the taste buds are not tired of everything that one eats and drinks during one day. The judges use a test form, on which they give points on 5 parts: sight, smell, taste, technical quality and to what extent the beer fits in the style in which it was sent in. A beer can earn a maximum of 50 points and on that basis the medals are distributed.”

Ten jury tables

The jury consists of judges, beer sommeliers, zythologists and beer journalists. Most of them come from the Netherlands, but there are also judges from Belgium, the United Kingdom and Austria.

There are ten jury tables with four to five jury members per table. At each table there is a balanced distribution in terms of the experience of the jury members and the distribution of nationalities. In addition, each jury table has an experienced table chair who is jointly responsible for the smooth running of the proceedings.”

A serious activity: the beers are tested in complete concentration and behind the scenes everything is organised down to the last detail to guarantee an honest and flawless judging. The beers are poured into a separate room, far away from the jury, so that they don’t accidentally catch a glimpse of a bottle or hear that a bottle has been sealed with a champagne cork. All this to ensure that the jury judges the beer as pure as possible.


The 76 winning beers were announced during the award ceremony at the Kantine Valhalla Theatre in Rotterdam on 18 April. A total of 21 golden beers have been selected, including Brouwhoeve’s stout beer, 26 silver beers and 29 bronze beers. Big winners are Jopen with 7 medals, Duke Jan with 6, Uiltje Brewing Company with 5, Trappist brewery De Koningshoeven (La Trappe) with 4 and Swinkels Family Brewers and Bird Brewery (both with 3 medals).

Translated with

Just like last year, after the third edition of the Dutch Beer Challenge, there are many smaller craftbrewers that have won prizes, such as Brouwerij Belgica, De Naeckte Brouwers, Amsterdam Brewboys, Brouwerij Vandeoirsprong, Brouwerij Egmond, Brouwhoeve and Crooked Spider, as well as the large breweries. La Trappe and Uiltje Brewing Company are the only two breweries with 2 gold medals. Different types of beer 47 Dutch independent beer experts and inspectors and international specialists blindly tasted the 441 Dutch beers submitted on 20 March in Arminius Congres- en Debatcentrum in Rotterdam in 25 different beer categories, such as lager, saison, light and heavy blond, meibock, pale ale, IPA, light and heavy dark, bock and doublebock, stout/porter, barley wine, white beer and weizen, fruit beers, smoked beer and also the category of alcohol-free/alcohol-free low. The number of breweries in the Netherlands has grown again in recent years to more than 650 with beers in varying quality. That is why the Netherlands can no longer do without a professional beer competition. The beers that have won the Dutch Beer Challenge can count on great media interest.

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