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Under the Spanish sun, surrounded by vast green hills on the edge of nature reserves, this traditional beer brewery in Benissa is located on the route from Benissa to Teulada on the Costa Blanca North. Where the goats used to be, the stainless steel brew kettles now shine. The heart of a brewery where special beer finds its origin. Everything we make we do with love and passion, we do that now and in the future we will make even more ridiculously delicious things.

we brew specialty beers with passion and pleasure

Ambachtelijk bier van Brouwhoeve
Savor beers of Brouwhoeve

Far from average. Fast, agile and groundbreaking, but also sober and with an eye for detail; that binds us together. We don't set the alarm clock to go to work, but to brew beer. Our mission is to carry out our craft and that is no empty slogan with us. Always curious about new possibilities and tastes. Reinventing traditional flavours! Innovation and innovation.

cerveza artesana
Artisanal brewed craft beers

Don't shout but use qualitative innovation to develop beers and look for new challenges. With our head and with our heart, by rolling up our sleeves and blasting them. Brouwhoeve makes beers that are meant to be enjoyed and to experience the special traditional taste sensations. The Brouwhoeve brand can increasingly be found in beautiful restaurants, where it is used for refined beer-food combinations.

Discover the colourful world of traditional beer

“Brouwhoeve beers are not for pooring,

but for savoring.”

Beer tasting and stuff

And of course you want to taste the beer of the Brouwhoeve first! Of course you can. Make an appointment for a beer tasting and we will gladly tell you how we came to this wonderful product. And of course we will taste it too!

Benissa Brouwhoeve Cerveza Artesena
Bierproeverij, Degustación de cerveza
Over Brouwhoeve in Spanje, sobre Brouwhoeve en Espana

About Brouwhoeve

In Spain, on the Costa Blanca in the beautiful village of Benissa, the Brouwhoeve Brewery makes special beer with traditional craftsmanship and contemporary technology. We are a micro brewery or something?

Our brewers have been making their special beers since 2018. Brewed with next to craftsmanship only water, barley and wheat and hops grown by the Brouwhoeve itself (mostly then). This makes all our special beers a pure product of Benissa, Spain.

Brewery, artesanal beer brewery

Flawless? No. Perfect? Certainly not. Too old to learn? Never that! We toast on our beautiful beers. The brewery is open for tastings and packages which you can book online. We would like to tell you about our way of working, some things are secret, but not everything.

A beer brewery with the best beers for every moment and taste. At Brouwhoeve you don’t just have something in your glass, but you can make the world a little more beautiful by drinking special beers. Our antenna for trends and progressive approach keep a close eye on developments in the beer market. We focus on brewing great beer. Each and every one of them is a gem. The taste of beer is as personal as the drinker. That is why we brew special beers, with which we would like you to become acquainted. In short, we are a fan of natural beers!  And last but not least, special, because we don’t mess around in the brewing room. We stick to pure nature. Does that taste special? Yes, we do. Very good even. Can we share our passion with you?

Brouwhoeve, an artesanal brewery

Traditionally brewed beer for everyone who loves… well, you name it…, long-haired dachshunds, secretly getting a bit excited by mango or getting the soft smile of Peppi and Kokki. Or maybe not. Because no matter what you like, we toast everyone who is themselves. And if there’s one thing that fraternises, it’s beer. Cheers!

Discover the Brouwhoeve at one of the most beautiful places in Spain: Benissa. Feel, smell and taste the brewery’s distinctive beers during a guided tour of the brewery. The tasting room invites you to discover the special beers of the Brouwhoeve Beer Brewery. As true beer lovers, we like to talk about… beer. Of course we like to share this with other beer lovers. Don’t expect wheelbarrows of hops, litres of coffee or liqueur, but balanced beers in which the ingredients and flavour tones stand out beautifully. Because of the surprising recipes there is always something special to discover, without exaggerating. We are nice guests, so don’t be afraid and book a package online!
Cheers to a beautiful summer! And reserve a package online.

Brouwhoeve Stout

Price winner Dutch Beer Challenge 2019

Price winner World Beer Awards 2019

Roasted malts that give the characteristic dark colour. Mild caramel tones and a hint of fresh coffee with a soft bitter aftertaste at the end.

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Brouwhoeve Blond

Price winner World Beer Awards 2019

Brouwhoeve Blond is a typical Belgian blond beer. Refreshing citrus with a firm luring head.

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Brouwhoeve Saison

Brouwhoeve Saison is surprisingly fresh and spicy beer. A freshly spicy bitter.

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Brouwhoeve Tripel

Brouwhoeve Tripel is a dangerously tasty and clear amber coloured beer with a full flavour and a creamy head.

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Brouwhoeve IPA

Price winner World Beer Awards 2019

Brouwhoeve IPA is fresh, fruity and hoppy, as you would expect from a good IPA.

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Brouwhoeve Dubbel

Brouwhoeve Dubbel is a dark beer that drinks lightly. Show the aftertaste with chocolate and not too heavy at all.

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we brew specialty beers with passion and pleasure

Visit our beer shop in Benissa

For the most beautiful traditional beers, visit the Brouwhoeve shop in Benissa.

Book a beer tasting

Brouwhoeve organizes beer tastings. Experience the taste sensation of the traditional beers of Brouwhoeve.

Collaboration catering industry

Brewing your own beer for your hospitality company? That's possible at Brouwhoeve!

The factory of Brouwhoeve

In this building the most beautiful beer of the Costa Blanca is brewed.

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